Sunday, October 17, 2010

When Chain Stores Move to a Better Neighborhood

Originally a Lowe's, it became a Furniture Factory Warehouse, all 8 locations have closed due to bankruptcy.

Another shot of the old Lowes, it's a Texas Thrift, I think they sell furniture there too.

Ahh, the side of of the Furniture Factory Warehouse: Only closed for 1 week, I noticed the tag on my way home from work last Tuesday.  I'm slightly impressed becaused a spray gun and a truck almost HAD to be involved.  However, it is a sloppy tag.  Jesus, if you have access to a spray gun and a big truck, take some pride for fucks sake.  Is this an ad for the Democrats during a hotly contested election season?

Side view, this is a HUGE building.

This was a Wal-Mart.  This is much tackier than Wal-Mart.  Fiesta FUN Mall? Not freaking likely.

Impervious surface, in disrepair.

More impervious surface and the billboard touting the "wonder" of Windcrest.

Um, Six Flags of the Fiesta Fun Mart?  But due to the bad economy, only four flags fly.

More crappy parking lot: there's no way know how much shit runs off this lot when it rains.

The old Windsor Park Mall sign.  Rackspace has taken over part of the mall, but it's mostly the beginning of the largely abandonded and derelict Walzem Road.

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