Sunday, October 3, 2010

Taco Land

There was a time between 1989 and 1992, I was pretty much running around in the streets, seeking "fun" (mostly dangerous and illegal). Looking back on it, now, I steal the term, "The Wilderness Years" from writer, chef, tv personality, Anthony Bourdain. I could not come up with a better term on my own. Part of that history is Taco Land and its owner, Ram. Once upon a time, Austin, Texas was not The Hipster Douchebag center of North America. Me and the rest of my "punk" friends had to go up the road to San Antonio to see big shows. No trip to S.A. was complete without a trip to Taco Land. Fuzzy memories: Ram was a kind man, welcoming us into his little corner of paradise. Ram was gunned down June 24, 2005, during a robbery. Two of his other long employees were shot during the robbery, his doorman, Gypsy Doug was also murdered that night also.

Here's what is left:

What do you do with this space? It's a historical space (god only knows how many bands played here), it is also the scene of a double murder.

It is also on the fringe of the San Antonio River Museum Reach.

The empty Taco Land looking over The Pearl redevelopment at the Josephine Street bridge.

Here's some outside links:

50 years is NOT enough:

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