Friday, November 19, 2010

Flash Back Friday: Rib Train

Today, I bring you, circa 1970: The Rib Train.
I've been going to the medical center for about six months on a fairly regular basis.  How could I not be facinated by this?


The front of the train in the parking lot, it's number 9!  Hummmm.

Sorry for the blurry shot: The Rib Train has pulled into the station, for the last time.

The old message board.

The front of the building from the parking lot.

The Rib Train is connected to a hotel in SA's Med Center.

Entrance to the former Rib Train.

According to the dining guide, the capacity here is 500 seats.  That's huge in terms of restaurant capacity, standard is 250, give or take.  And the question I always ask: What the heck to we do with the former Rib Train?  It's attached to budget type motel in the medical center area.  Sure, there is potential for the motel: loved ones in the hospital, etc.  The kitchen, in order to feed 500 seats has to be huge!  Could the kitchen/dining room be re-vamped to serve the hotel?
New research: The hotel/restaurant opened in 1974. The hotel changed hand very recently.  BRING BACK THE RIB TRAIN!

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