Saturday, June 12, 2010

3303 Broadway

3303 Broadway WAS the home of Inter-Continental Motors Corp, San Antonio's Volkswagen Dealership.

Now, it's largely abandoned:

According to the Bexar County Appraisal District website (, the property was purchased in 2000 by a real estate agency. They seem to be sitting on this rather large (1.1205 acres or 48810 square feet) property, because there are no "For Sale" signs to be seen.

A few links for the history of the property:

The Samba has a few cool pics of the dealership in its heyday:

Also, dealer Rod East (yes, that is his name) got his start at Inter-Continental:

A shot of the back of the building, with a travel trailer sitting on the property. Note how large the trees are, indicating how old the property is.

Here is a shot of the old showroom. I guess one of the owners of the real estate company needed a place to stash their old Dodge:

One last note: notice all of the brickwork, you don't see that kind of thing in modern car dealerships. This was a showplace for Volkswagens (and at one point Porsches), and now it's another empty space lacking purpose or meaning.

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