Friday, May 28, 2010

Pat Booker Road

Pat Booker Road is located in Universal City, Texas. It is the main road through this small 'burb and the main retail area.

Our first stop in the UC is the Nursery that closed the weekend my husband and I moved in to our house.

We were pretty disappointed that the place had closed, it would have been nice to have a nursery less than 2 blocks from our house.

Here is a shot of the fenced in outdoor portion of the nursery, including the greenhouse:

This a pic of the front of the building, to show what a large, empty space this really is:

It's disheartening to see things like this for many reasons. This was someones business, their livelihood, their life, people worked here, people shopped here. When geographers talk about "sense of place", they are talking about the cultural aspects of how humans interact with their environment and how that relationship is what "makes" that place special.
For this nursery in a rather small military community, it undoubtedly had its "regulars", folks who came in and interacted with the staff and each other, sharing gardening tips; talking about their families, telling stories. The nursery is gone and without human involvement , it's just an empty, decaying building.
What could this empty space, built for a very specific be redeveloped into?

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